Safety and Allergy Guidelines

Prior to utilizing Mikah Elijah Hair Growth Oil’s and Skincare items, the following safety precautions should be acknowledged:

*Our items contain oils and normal organic products. In the event that you have any sensitivities, kindly read the item name cautiously. We suggest that individuals with delicate skin play out a fix test first to guarantee there is no response.

*Mikah Elijah Hair Growth Oil’s and Skincare items are made with regular and natural ingredients. Assuming that responsiveness happens, cease use right away.

On the off chance that you are questionable about conceivable responsiveness, consistently do a fix test before use or counsel your medical care proficient.

Things and admonishments by Mikah Elijah Hair Development Oil’s and Skincare, or the Mikah Elijah Hair Development Oil’s and Skincare outreach bunch, put forth no defense to fix or hinder any infection or clinical issue and aren’t supposed to substitute other treatment or clinical guidance.

On account of pregnancy, nursing or disease, or on the other hand if taking drugs, kindly talk with your medical services proficient.

We convey items for inward use and outside use (see directions as shown when you buy an item from Mikah Elijah Hair Growth Oil’s and Skincare).

We broadcast the opportunity to pick and perform for ourselves the sorts of items, treatments, and self-improvement modalities that we think are best. We urge our clients to learn and incorporate normal assets for accomplishing and keeping up with ideal wellbeing, excellence, and prosperity.