Our Story

On 10/15/2015, my daughter gave birth to her first child, my grandson.  The excitement around his birth was exhilarating, to say the least.  From the time that my children were little, I told them that every child they had needed to be named after me. My daughter let me name him. I chose Mikah, which means someone who is like God, and his auntie chose the middle name Elijah, which tells of the coming of Christ.

A name for a baby who was in the Nic unite over a week after his birth needed to be strong. 

Mikah was special; he was very smart, very intuitive, knew directions, and knew every dinosaur at the field museum. We took him to see his favorite team, the Chicago Whitesox, on weekends. Opening day 2019: Mikah was 3; he got to the top opening where he could see the field and said, Uncle Uncle, look, its baseball. Come on, we have to go see. He was so excited that day.

On 7/28/2019, tragedy struck 

Mikah, whose father is a mechanic, found his father’s unsecured gun and took his life. Mikah’s life was cut short at 3.5 years old over a preventable mistake. Our lives were crushed; it was like a 500-pound is on your chest. Every time you try to breathe, the pressure from the loss of this child is there, reminding you of pain. 

We have plead with the city of Chicago (Mayor Lightfoot) and spoke to the Governor Pritzker, even Father Pfleger, without so much as a sit-down meeting. 

Subsequent to being let somewhere near the city, we promised to put free firearm confines the city of Chicago in Mikah’s name all alone. Part of healing is saving the next Mikah and their families from the pain we endure daily.

We had already researched for years and began making, in our opinion, the best organic hair growth oils, beard balms, and skin creams around. Why are they the best? Because they’re made with love, by a family who grew tired of products that are stretched to make tons of money but are 50% raw. Our products are handmade from organic products and plants. It’s our goal to save a life while producing a great-quality haircare and skincare line.

Join our family on this journey a journey for Mikah Elijah